What is Online BSN Degree?

by Staff Writers on June 20, 2009

Nursing has a variety of degree options which range with their salaries where by Bachelors science in nursing (BSN) is considered an advanced degree in nursing field. BSN nurses can work in a variety of fields which differ in their salaries for example they could work as a teacher, in pharmaceuticals or even care for patients. Other factors that influence the BSN nurses salary is the experience of the individual, geographical location of the nurse and lastly the specialty of the individual.

BSN salaries based on experience incase of less than one year averagely ranges in: $ 50,081, 1-4 years: $54,519, 5-9 years: $59,931 where by the more the experience the more the pay. Also in the case of the geographical location for example in New York, averagely their salary is around $ 65,062, Atlanta $ 54.457 or Dallas $ 56,492 and so on. Depending on the country the rural BSN salaries ranges could be similar, higher or lower depending on the economy situation of the country or maybe due to the shortages of nurses in the rural areas.

The specialty of the BSN studies also affects pay, for example in the case of the following specialties the nurse could be averagely earning per month; nurse manager $ 67,922, Nurse case manager $ 58,893, Director nursing $ 71,619, clinical nurse manager $ 66,252, nurse school $ 37,867 or a nurse practitioner $ 71,364. The higher the level of education the more the responsibilities and consequently the more the reward (pay).

Other factors that also determine the pay of the BSN salary increase with the position one holds for example anesthetist nurse can not be paid similar to the head of the nurses. Also on the institution that has employed the nurse is it, a private practice? the government? short stay surgery centers? and so on.

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