Top 5 Most Famous Nurses Ever

by Staff Writers on July 16, 2009

What is it that inspires people to become nurses? This is a question that has remained with or without answers to many. Basically there will be varying reasons from those who decided to become nurses. Many will say that it is they were inspired by other nurses while others will say that they did it for goodness of others, to offer the best services to the community.

Some of the nurses who have been inspirational to others include people like Clara Barton, Mary Todd Lincoln and Florence Nightingale. For those who have been in this field may have got their inspiration from these individuals.

Walt Whitman (1819 to 1892)
Being a poet, this did not bur him from conducting the most charitable role in the society as a volunteer nurse. This was basically witnessed in the army in Washington D.C. during the civil war in the army hospital. Through these voluntary services, he was able to gain a lot of materials which lead to the publishing of “The Great Army of the Sick” in the New York City 1863. Later, this made his way to the Memoranda during the war book publication.

Helen Fairchild (1885 to 1918)
Being a volunteer for the American Expeditionary Force, Fairchild was a military nurse on the WW1 and she hailed from Pennsylvania among other 64 nurses. The group entered the war in the year 1917. She was counted as one of the best nurses out of her patience. She could stand in mud for not less than fourteen hours treating her patients. After a year, her sudden death occurred which is believed to have been caused by chloroform which was then used in the rooms during an operation. As a result of mustered gas bombing, this lead to a standstill of her services.

Margaret Sanger (1879 to 1966)
The founder of the Planned Parenthood Federation in 1942 began her nursing career in New York around the turn of the 20th centaury. Today this Federation is being used by women in family planning. The reason why she decided to form the federation was that, during her nursing period, she realized that women were becoming destitute and hence promoting unplanned pregnancies. Through this process, she was able to promote birth control and later women were able to decide on their own on issues c concerning birth. Today she may be referred to as an OB nurse.

Mary Breckinridge (1881 to 1965)
She came up with a rural healthcare system called Frontier Nursing Services in 1925. This was aimed at bringing the patient to a closer medical proximity.

Mary Ezra Mahoney (1845 to 1926)
After her graduation from the New England Hospital which specializes in children and women training, she went to serve the society as an illustrious nurse in the year 1879. In the year 1908 she became the co founder of NACGN together with Adah B Thomas.

Elizabeth Grace Neill (1846 to 1926)
Being a journalist, she got inspired to serve the society as a nurse and protect it from unqualified human malpractices. Through this she registered with the trained nurses. She had drafted a bill which was passed by the parliament in 1901 and it became the Nurse’s first registration Act world wide.

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