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by Staff Writers on September 27, 2011

Nurses are always at the front lines of health care. No matter the career path you take in nursing, chances are that you will be prominent in the treatment of patients. From nursing assistants to nurse practitioners, the role of nursing in health care is expanding. If you are a nurse, you need to be on top of the latest developments in the world of health care.

The good news is that the Internet provides access to some great resources. Whether you are looking for news about the latest treatment, or looking for nursing salary information, you can stay one step ahead with the help of a good news website. If you want to know what’s happening in the world of nursing, and in the world of health care in general, here are 20 great sites to visit:

Web Sites Devoted to Nursing News

These are web sites that cater especially to nurses and nursing. News about policies, practices and technological advancements can be found on these web sites. You will get the latest news related to all things nursing industry.

  1. Nursing Times: Stop by the nursing times to get latest headlines, and to read industry news. This is an interesting look at what is going on with nurses and nursing.
  2. Nursing News: Get headlines about what’s happening in the world of nursing from news web site Topix. Great resource for general industry news.
  3. Advance for Nurses: Visit this web site to get the latest headlines from the world of nursing. Find out about the latest practices and treatments, as well as the latest policies that affect nurses and health care. A solid resource for nurses of all types.
  4. Nursing: This nursing feed from Alltop provides you with the latest headlines and developments from the nursing industry.
  5. Nurse Practitioner World News: This journal’s web site offers you a peek at the global news related to NPs. It’s a great resource for nurse practitioners, as well as for others in various nursing professions. Addresses different issues and trends as well.
  6. School Nurse News: If you are a school nurse, you will likely find special benefits in this web site. You can learn more about being a more effective school nurse. Also includes information on treatment, policy and more.

Web Sites Offering General Medical News

Sometimes, it can help to be up to date on more general medical news. Many nurses aid in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, and the latest medical knowledge and breakthroughs can be helpful — even when not presented exclusively in the context of nursing.

  1. Medscape: The place for medical professionals to go for news. Includes the outcomes of studies, as well as the latest breakthroughs and headlines. One of the best places to look for news on health care.
  2. Medical News Today: Are you interested in the latest health and medicine trends? This web site offers great insight into the latest breakthroughs and headlines. You can even find a section on nursing and midwifery.
  3. MDLinx: Get the latest medical news and information quickly and understandably. Includes specific sections on nursing to help you find nurse specific news as well as general medical headlines.
  4. Medpage Today: Latest headlines about disease, treatment and general health trends. You can also find information on nursing, and good information on better helping your patients.
  5. Reuters Health: Thomson Reuters offers a look at breaking health headlines from around the world. Read in-depth stories, as well as quick news stories. Find out what is going on right now in the world of health care — no matter where you are.
  6. WebMD: This popular web site offers latest health news and tips. Although it’s aimed mainly at consumers, there is still very good information for health professionals. Indeed, nurses can get an idea of what’s important to their patients by surfing through the news on this web site.
  7. Medical News: This news web site is more about the medical industry than it is about anything else. If you are interested in the business side of health care, and industry headlines, this news web site can be a great resource.

Nursing Communities and Oganizations

The web sites of online nursing communities and professional organizations can be great resources for news and information. You can get the latest career trends news, as well as discuss your opinions of the latest nursing and health care policies and headlines. Get involved and stay informed.

  1. This Gannett owned web site is a great community resource. It includes the latest headlines, as well as information that can help you in your career. Learn more about jobs, policies, headlines, and the latest breakthroughs, and connect with other nurses.
  2. Visit this community for great information on nursing, career trends, and more. Headlines, policy news and the latest treatment techniques can be discussed on this web site.
  3. NursingWorld: The American Nurses Association runs this great community for professional nurses. You can read the latest news, and get more information on the latest developments in the science of nursing.
  4. NurseZone: This popular nursing community helps you connect with other nurses, and provides the latest news. You can even get your news sorted by specialty so that you can focus on the news most likely to benefit you — and your patients.
  5. American Academy of Nurse Practitioners: Visit this professional organization’s web site to learn about medical breakthroughs, advances for NPs, and the latest policy battles revolving around nurse practitioners.
  6. U.S. Army Nurse Corps: A great place to go if you are interested in Army nursing. This is a great community site that offers news and information, as well as the chance to interact with other Army nurses. You can also get career information, and learn about the latest trends in nursing and health care.
  7. National Student Nurse’s Association: Use this site to get the latest information, as well as career help. A great community for nursing students. Make connections now that can help you later. A great live chat feature, as well as links and helpful information on news, representatives, and more.

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